Los Angeles Times / Orange County Album Reviews: The Missiles of October

#1 Pick: Missiles of October, “Tropic of Soulfolk”
This veteran band from Laguna Beach offers the best of two worlds- the funk and fire of a talented, R&B
leaning rock band, with melodic gifts and emotional acuity that meet the finest standards of the singer-songwriter tradition.

Jimmy Johnson of Muscle Shoals

“Stunning, raunchy, subtle and outrageously good. . . The Missiles of October. . . are. . . as good as it gets!”

Los Angeles Times / By Robert Kinsler

“The band uses a style mixing acoustic and electric instruments to craft thoughtful songs that fuse rock,
folk, soul, and blues in a sound that will appeal to fans of legendary artists such as Bob Dylan, Neil Young, John Hiatt, and Van Morrison.”

O.C. Critics #1 Pick, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer Mike Boehm

. . . The Missiles merger of singer-songwriter melodiousness and lyrical insight with roots-band soulfulness and funk is both infectious and affecting.”

Orange County Register, November 2001
The Missiles of October, “Hope” review

Memorable songs, warmly sung, accessible vocals, and top-notch musicianship are just a few reasons to get a copy of “Hope”, the new disk from the Missiles of October. The Laguna Beach quartet, headed by singer-songwriter-guitarist Poul Finn Pedersen, rarely misses the mark on the 11 song disc.
“Soul Mate”, “Dark into Light” and ”I’m So Tired” rock powerfully, capturing the energy of the bands live sets. “The Boys” and “Hope” are equally compelling, using softer tones and musical textures that confirm the status of the Missiles of October as one of Orange Counties most talented maverick bands.

What’s Up? Magazine 2002

Loyal followers of the Missiles of October tend to use a combination of genres to describe their favorite band.
“Mostly R&B and rock” is just as common as is, “mostly blues, R&B and rock,” “pop” as is the most
perplexing of all musical descriptions, in the instance, “folk”. And while this argument presses on even in face of “Hope”, it is best to simply say that the Missiles of October are grounded in some very deep
traditionalist forms of American music.

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