September 1991: four seasoned musicians joined together to create a band and a sound that is best described as “Soulfolk”. The music draws from a wide range of diverse musical indulgences, which include R&B, pop-folk, blues, and jazz.

All the members of the Missiles of October have toured and been involved in extensive session work with a litany of respected artists and have been and continue to move audiences of all ages to create their own musical vision.

The defining essence of this band rests with their spectacular high-energy live shows and their respect for the craft of songwriting. Their original material is a reflection of their influences from Bob Dylan and Van Morrison to Marvin Gaye and Ray Charles.

The Missiles of October songwriting skills are intact, it’s the extraordinary improvisational style consistently pushing the music flawlessly and it brings their very loyal fans and audience to new levels throughout their 10 plus years that has given Missiles of October their immense respect as one of Orange Counties premier bands.

Poul Finn Pedersen – Vocals, Guitar
Frank Cotinola – Drums, Percussion
Jimmy Perez – Bass Guitar
Richard Bredice – Guitars

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